Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Trader's Ideas For Promoting QVM

Stan from Eggporium came up with these ideas and he covers some very worthwhile subjects.

"1. All stall holders should have a bigger presence on Facebook - a very untapped marketing resource.
2. QVM should have an App to guide customers to daily specials, cooking demos, live music, tastings, daily happenings, public transport tips.
3. QVM website needs a big update.
4. Promote a meet farmers/producers/suppliers Saturday morning.
5. Free 3 hour parking day once a month.
6. A free QVM cotton tote bags to customer who ask for them via a marketing campaign.
7. Better public announcements promoting facts about the market, educate our customers.
8. Free QVM bumper stickers "QVM Est 1876 - Come visit The World's Biggest Market "
9. Promote Celebrity Cooking Days - via cooking shows on TV.
10. Have QVM Ambassadors - Male - Con the fruiterer, Female - Maggie Beer or similar.
11. Locals loyalty discount - Customer to show stall holders proof of a CBD address to get discount or a free tote bag or similar.

There is so much passion at QVM it should be bottled and harnessed.
We all could channel our positive energy and creativity to make the QVM the best in the world."