Sunday, 22 November 2015

Australian Retailers Score Poorly On Customer Service

According to Australian Giftguide Magazine a recent survey of 265 retailers found that only four brands received perfect scores on customer service - Apple, Lush, Nespresso and The Body Shop.

Businesses were measured on –
1. Initial customer acknowledgement.
2. First customer approach.
3. Brand story.
4. Staff passion/commitment.
5. Store look and feel.
6. Consistency of website experience.

Major deficiencies were found in customer service with 60% of businesses receiving a zero for staff commitment and 30% didn’t approach a customer within 5 minutes. 

We have mentioned it many times on this website but customer service is potentially one key area where QVM Traders can nail the opposition. Giving customers a service experience, often with our own little brand of theatre, is at least one sure way of maximising our retail opportunities. 

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