Sunday, 1 November 2015

Trader Action Group

No, this is not a new association or union of traders. It is a name proposed following the first sub-committee discussions on trader consultation and involvement which took place with management on Thursday.

This sub-committee will evaluate and report on the alternatives for making sure that traders are able to have their say in a wide range of issues around market recovery and renewal. We may not end up using the name "Trader Action Group" but the aim of these groups is to provide opportunities for any trader to add their experience and expertise in issues that are relevant to them. In broad terms, working groups of traders and management may receive input from industry experts as they analyse and discuss options, reach conclusions and then pass on their group's conclusions.

Management are keen to see that every trader has the opportunity for input, and QVMAC Trader Representatives have already made the point that we don't want unproductive talk-fests. Group meetings will need to be carefully planned, conclusions reached, minutes recorded, and follow-up activated. This may require significant resources but management and traders representatives agreed that all our time is valuable and getting meaningful results is paramount.

We are still at the early stages of discussing all the possible options for achieving a working structure and your QVMAC Trader Representatives, particularly those involved in this sub-committee - Cathy Underhill, Stephen McLennan, Ivano, Jenny Pyke, and Greg Smith, -welcome your input. Management representatives include Brendan Devine, Russell Wheelhouse, Peter Shepheard and Angela Shen. 

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