Sunday, 22 November 2015

National Markets Conference Concludes In Sydney

Back on 18th October we reported that for the first time a QVM trader had been invited to the National Markets Conference in Sydney. Trader Representatives nominated Ivano Guseli to attend and the conference took place over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week (19th – 21st November).

The conference is intended for managers and owners of markets so it was significant that a trader was invited this year. We applaud QVM Management for arranging the attendance.

Markets from around Australia took part and International markets expert, David O’Neil was a keynote speaker. Ivano will no doubt give us a full report although his initial comment is that it is very important for all markets to speak together in addressing what is a global issue. Looking at some initial notes it is apparent that market managements are looking at similar things to traders – how do we respond to global retail challenges, how do we remain relevant to our customers, how do we enhance our unique features as markets?