Sunday, 1 November 2015

Jan's Farewell To Traders

Dear Traders,
I want to thank everyone for the part you have played in the most stimulating and rewarding 2 years of my professional life.  It’s been hard, and it’s been fun! 
The Market has always felt to me to be an important and worthwhile labour. We’ve made some gains in a challenging environment. QVM will live long and strong in my heart.
I am pleased to advise that Victor Ailakis will be your Acting CEO from 1st November.  Most of you will know Vic, who has been our Chief Financial Officer for 20 years (anniversary 6 November!).  He is highly competent with a wealth of knowledge and is a very nice person.
Vic will lead the organisation until the Board identify the next CEO - who they will want to commit to a long-term period that will see through the Renewal process. 
I know that Vic, and Brendan, and Mark and Fiona and all the staff who work with traders, will continue to try and build stronger relationships to help strengthen the performance of the Market.  The ball has started rolling with better conversations happening, and while there won’t always be agreement I do feel there is greater respect for each other than previously, and I know that if you work together you will achieve great things.
Farewell & best wishes to all.
Queen Victoria Market

30 October 2015