Wednesday 12 July 2017

A Week Of News About QVM -What You Might Not Have Picked Up

Since Monday's renewal announcement the media channels have been running hot with news about The Queen Victoria Market. We won't go over the obvious major details again but here are some quotes that caught our eye - 

CoM 11/7/2017 - "Existing traders can also be assured that renewal will not be funded through increased lease or licence fees, or costs to market traders. Instead, more trading space created from placing current backof-house facilities underground, improved infrastructure and a more diverse, flexible market offer will generate additional revenue, as outlined in the Retail Plan, while the market’s core business will be protected.”

SGS Business Case Report – “option three is the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program. Only Option 3 addresses all of the identified problems facing the market and will deliver the strategic, financial and community welfare benefits required to sustain the future viability of the Queen Victoria Market. This significant investment will provide a NPV benefit increment of $116 million.”

SGS Business Case Report – “While Queen Victoria Market is a key Melbourne attraction, a number of basic practicalities currently compromise the visitor experience. If these are not addressed, customers will be more inclined to view the market as an outing, rather than a place to shop regularly and get what they need, when they need it.”

Ben Rimmer, CoM CEO 11/7/2017- “A market only works when there’s a whole bunch of traders, small businesses who are successful and profitable,”

Channel 9 News 11/7/2017 – “Planning controls announced by the state government on Tuesday mean a temporary pavilion for traders can start being built in October and the redevelopment will start next March.”

Premier Daniel Andrews on removing heritage sheds 11/7/2017 - Mr Andrews said that "on latest advice, it may not be necessary for those sheds to be taken away", but that it was still possible they may have to be removed "to be taken back to their former glory".

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle on Munro height restrictions – “The Lord Mayor said the 125-metre height limit would mean 50 units of affordable housing would be removed from the tower and built in another area of the precinct."