Sunday 23 July 2017

Car Parking Shortage For Traders

Friday mornings have become a race to the car park for many traders with the prize being a cut price voucher reducing the standard all day parking fee from around $35 to a more manageable $12.

The recent closure of a nearby multi-level car park has tightened the competition with the allocated number of stall holder vouchers regularly running out before 7:30am. A simple process becomes an issue of frustration for traders, and of course car park attendants. Let's make the point that this is a shortage caused by an external car park closure, not increased demand by new traders or city "tradies".

The car park is primarily for customers although traders who legitimately use their vehicles for the operation of their business need, and should expect, parking facilities.

QVM needs to increase its allocation of vouchers for traders. This is simply a matter of adjusting to changed circumstances and allowing traders to get on with business without unnecessary frustration and expense. Traders have more important things to worry about.