Sunday 2 July 2017

Giant Screens The Next Big Thing In Retail

One of our traders attended a U2 concert some time ago and was particularly taken by the giant computer screen that interacted with the band and the audience in a variety of ways. He immediately thought of a retail application at QVM where we have such a large footprint and an opportunity to show crowds of shoppers any number of exciting events on a huge screen perhaps located in JKLM Sheds.

Recently the Queensland University of Technology and Corporate Initiatives unveiled just such a screen and immediately nominated retail as an ideal application. The screen can respond to content input from a tablet device or kinetic cameras and receive input from multiple locations. Up to 15 videos can be run on the screen with up to 10 participants, all at the same time. Corporate Initiatives are responsible for the high tech stadium displays you see at places like the MCG.

We can see many possibilities at QVM not just for sound and light shows like the Night market but for regular daytime entertainment and information, and of course other special events. 

Thanks to Kris Robinson for the storyline.