Sunday 2 July 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 1/7/2017

What Resignation? – We can neither confirm or deny that a senior QVM executive has resigned. We can neither confirm or deny that the resignation may be linked to a dispute with City Council over the running of the market. And we can neither confirm or deny that an announcement is expected on Monday (tomorrow).

Students Smoking – a large group of secondary school students was spotted in the market on Friday with about 50% of them smoking those electronic cigarettes. We believe the cigarettes were purchased at the market. A few customers and traders thought it all looked a little strange although wondered if there was anything wrong with that?
Electronic cigarettes use various chemicals in their operation and in Victoria laws prohibit the use of nicotine as one of those chemicals. Whilst it is not illegal to sell electronic cigarettes at the moment, after 1st August 2017 it will be illegal to sell to any person under 18 years of age and it will be illegal to smoke electronic cigarettes in designated smoke-free areas. Other states have different laws with SA and WA banning the sale of any product that mimics cigarettes.

Stripper Poles – a trader has installed Stripper Poles (those shiny chrome, floor to ceiling poles used for dancing) at his stall. We hope to have pictures next week. We can neither confirm nor deny whether any stripping will take place.

New Trading Times – a brilliant idea from Trader Ivano regarding a change to market opening times following this week’s big freeze. He is suggesting that we should not open until 12°C.

Concrete Bollards – following our picture last week of anti-terrorist bollards stored in our carpark we can advise they have been located at Therry St. with a forklift on standby should they need to be moved for logistical or emergency reasons. Thanks to Peter Shepheard for the update.

New Marketing Programs –a number of exciting new marketing programs targeting products and traders are nearing completion for launch later in the year. Details to come.

Labelling Storage Boxes – Traders with storage boxes have been sent letters asking that their name, trader number, and stall numbers/trading days are clearly written on each storage box. Presumably this is to assist with relocating misplaced boxes and ensure that traders adhere to market rules. Traders may have been under the impression that box hire operators are responsible for labelling boxes but this notice clearly puts the responsibility on individual traders.

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02/07/2017 19:58:09 New Marketing programs "Hopefully we will get to see some newer traders and different products to highlight the Markets diversity and not the same familiar faces.

There is a lot of as yet untapped talented traders with loads of personalities  & great  stall displays."
Good point. Our diversity is a great asset that deserves promoting. Thanks for your input. - Ed.