Monday 23 July 2018

Trader Bulletin Gets Better And Better

The QVM Trader Bulletin has a chequered history but recent versions seem to provide really useful and timely advice for traders.

In years past many Trader Bulletins ended up on the market floor, often unread. They were viewed as irrelevant and largely propaganda and were probably one of the reasons why this website came into existence. Victraders was set up to better inform traders and provide a voice.

But things have changed and the latest Bulletin (Issue #14) has a lot of useful and timely information including -
-          An update on the Trader Awards including a revision to the number of awards made in the dominant General Merchandise category.
-         Relevant new market events including the arrival of our own brewing precinct.
-         News items including QVM’s role in the “Magnificent Seven” market alliance.
-         An update on the all important lighting for H&I Sheds. It does help for customers to see our produce in its full glory.
-         Reminders of what is happening around the market including the closure of the Queen St. toilet block, and the arrival of decorated bollards.
-         The latest on TRC happenings and Trader survey updates, including the decision to close on New Years Eve.
-         What’s On in Melbourne including those all important concert listings that can have a big impact on our crowds.

There is a lot of useful information there and you can receive it in a variety of ways including hard copy, via email, and sometimes with alerts via SMS. 

And Traders can comment and give feedback by emailing

We think it has improved a lot, what do you think?

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