Sunday 30 July 2017

Too Much Change At QVM?

We are champions of change at but do you ever get the feeling that it is all a little too much?

The retail industry is changing rapidly, and global retailers have swapped the old annual planning regime to change on demand as we work through a retail revolution. Organisational structures are not immune. Both Malcolm McCullough and Mark Scott offered an entrepreneurial flair that gave traders some comfort. Their departure adds to the uncertainty that bedevils retailing right now. They will be missed.

As trendy as change is, businesses need a sound base from which to work. Every business needs to find ingredients that provide solid anchors so that the things that unavoidably change can be addressed with some confidence. Traders need to have some surety for the future. The Board’s decision to embrace retailing experience in its management structure was welcomed by traders and provided one of those anchors. Let’s hope next week’s announcement of a management restructure will be solid enough to give us more than a fleeting period of stability and hope. In fact, good business demands that.

30/07/2017 16:04:32      Too much change at qvm            "Interim CEO Paul Guerra is overseeing structural change currently at QVM.
Whoever happens to be our new CEO will quite rightly alter the structure as they see best suits QVM. 
More musical chairs to follow."
"Rightly" might include some stability for everyone's benefit. Thanks for your input - Ed.

30/07/2017 19:47:42 CEO "Maybe its time for the board to lift its game in all areas. How many CEO's in the last 4 years? Is it possible to get someone/anyone with retail savvy to run this market as a retail outlet.....It wont matter
how ""pretty"" you dress this market up if the market continues to be managed in the way it has for the
last 15 years it will be doomed. Can we give Frank Lowy or Solomen Lew a call to see if they are interested in the job? By the way, do we have a Retail Manager at the market?"