Monday 24 September 2018

Paul Guerra Tweaks Royal Melbourne Show offer

 The Chairman of the QVM Board, Paul Guerra, also has a role as boss of the Royal Agricultural Society who run the Melbourne Show.

And aware of the need for keeping up with the times, Guerra identified that the show needed to be “a bit more contemporary”.

He looked at the data and saw that 18-35 year olds had been missing over recent years.

He decided that good food and entertainment were the likely draw cards for that group and set about raising the bar.

Local restaurants have been invited in to improve the food standard and according to an article on the ABC there is not a CWA scone or spiral potato on a stick to be found.

Another innovation has been a cheaper entry ticket for those attending the show after work or university.

The show still retains its connection with country and family’s but in Guerra’s words has become “a bit more funky”.