Tuesday 11 September 2018

Traders Needed For People’s Panel

I know - this is a people’s panel not a trader’s panel. It will be populated by well-meaning but sometimes ill-informed groups with sometimes crazy ideas about how our market should be run and perhaps little idea of what is needed for profitable trading.

It requires attendance at workshops that will be conducted on key trading days with traders expected to give up a day’s trading for a $100 attendance payment. 

There are many reasons why the People’s Panel is not attractive to traders.

But there is at least one good reason why traders should attend. This is all about community involvement and convincing groups linked with QVM that we need rational options for improving our market - options that are focused on business, because viable business for traders is the only thing that will guarantee a future for QVM. Without traders in the discussion that will/may be difficult.

If you are a business focused trader, and can possibly swing attendance at the workshops please apply (link below). If you are selected and you have operational difficulties attending the workshops (staffing, leave arrangements etc.) then the Management/Renewal Team ask you to raise those issues. They are keen to accommodate trader's needs. The closing date for applications has been extended to Sunday 16th September.