Sunday 23 September 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 23/9/2018

The Hawker Night Market launched this week with most Specialty Merchandise participants describing it as a “work in progress”. As expected,some tweaking will be needed from organisers and the same from traders new to the night time experience. Night time trading is certainly different not only with the conditions but also the clientele. A few traders reported lighting issues which they will need to address before next Wednesday and a few will be tinkering with their product offer as they adjust to customer preferences. For a first time concept with many first time night traders, it was generally given a thumbs up. Hopefully the school holidays and perhaps some warmer weather will contribute to an even better assessment  next week.

Breaking the monotony – on a particularly quiet day’s trading (Saturday) it took a little creative thinking from Trader Ronnie Z to launch his “Half time fruit break” for nearby traders. The delicious fresh fruit, the kind gesture, and the fun factor helped brighten up the day for traders. Good thinking  Ronnie.

Box Storage In M Shed – the plan to remove trader’s storage boxes from M Shed and free up the space for QVM storage needs has resulted in at least one email protest from a trader. One trader suggested that if the roller door space had been required for retail purposes that would have made more sense. Traders with larger than average stalls, high levels of stock, and multiple storage boxes may have issues with the move.

Australian Actor at Night Market – Melbourne born actor David Lyons was a customer at the inaugural Hawker 88 Night Market. He is known for his roles as Josh Holiday in the Nine Network navy drama Sea Patrol, Dr. Simon Brenner in the NBC medical drama ER, General Sebastian Monroe in the NBC post-apocalyptic drama Revolution, and most recently as Mike Diangelo in the Netflix series Seven Seconds. Our photo shows David with Emine from Aminalee Jewellery in String Bean Alley.

Some traders greeted the news of the West Coast Eagles winning their way into the AFL Grand Final with great anticipation. Western Australian visitors have been good customers of our market in the past. However reports that airlines are inflating the airfares for the Perth/Melbourne trip may put a dampener on the visitor’s spending. Up to $2000 for a return flight has been reported.

More traders are calling for a consolidation of the Upper Market so that the trading area can look full and busy without the current gaps. (PS - a senior source has suggested we watch this space.)

Romeo’s Café in F Shed is closed while it undergoes its own form of renewal. In the meantime the banter with Romeo and Theresa will be missed by many.

No reports on the new Trader Engagement Centre or Trader Lounge on Victoria St. yet. Please comment in Have Your Say if you have attended.