Sunday 16 September 2018

The One Thing That Drives Traders

Traders are normal people. Like everybody else we have hopes and expectations, challenges, feelings and failings. We experience good times, bad times and so on.

But there is one thing that rules us more than most - the sale. A sale can make a big difference to our day. A sale can make us relieved if we have big bills to pay. A sale can make us feel simply wanted, particularly after long periods of no sales. A sale can make us feel proud if we have engineered and marketed a product successfully. A sale can make us feel connected and often be the vehicle of a very satisfying social exchange. When you really connect with a customer it is great.

When you are down a sale can lift you. When you are up a lost sale can have the opposite effect. When there is a big crowd of customers but sales are not happening it is very frustrating. When the crowd is thin, and hopes are dim, a sale can surprise and lift your spirits.

It is said that a good sales person is always positive and exuberant, but we are normal people and many of us wear our heart on our sleeves. We take it all personally and we ride a roller coaster of anticipation and reality. And maybe that is the drug. The unexpected is just around the corner, and experimentation can produce unforeseen results.

There are many elements to being a market trader but few are more exciting or conversely frustrating than the sale.