Sunday 9 September 2018

Heard Under The Sheds - 9/9/2018

Vote For Your Favourite Trader has kicked off in earnest with a number of traders seeking votes on facilities like Facebook. But Ronnie from Ronnie Z And The Fabulous Juice had a different technique. He was handing out delicious morsels of fresh fruit and casually reminding recipients that trader voting was now open. Let us know your technique for getting votes.

A Trader said he doesn’t remember the last time a prime trading spot like the corner of E Shed and the Centre Walkway was left vacant. “It would certainly never have happened on a Sunday.”

On a similar theme another trader said that QVM had a real problem. The General Merchandise precinct has provided the bulk of QVM rental income for a long time and now it was in decline. “Reduced trade affects everyone.”

This giant sports shoe (it is sitting on a full size dining table) was sighted at Joel’s Auctions during the week and would have been a great feature display for one of our shoe sellers. It eventually sold for $380. Did a QVM Trader get it?

Induction session for the new Hawker Night Market took place on Thursday evening in the Food Court. Great to see a growing number of our traders getting their  opportunity at Night Market trading.

Trader Uber Eats – a trader has asked why traders can’t have their own internal food delivery service. The idea is that perhaps the Son or Daughter of a Trader could collect and deliver food from surrounding food vendors to traders for a modest fee, part of which could be paid by the trader and part by the food shop. The Trader hastens to say that there are already some excellent food delivery services within the market (Ronnie Z and Josies CafĂ© were mentioned) but sometimes you just feel like something different. With many sole traders trapped at their stalls, this sounds like a good idea. Any budding young entrepreneurs out there?

A Trader asks why we can't consolidate our trader positions and remove the glaring gaps in the Upper Market. He suggests there are ways of closing off areas with suitable camouflage and transferring traders into one vibrant full precinct. Maybe it is time.

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