Friday 15 June 2012

New Trends By Myer & David Jones

With end-of-year sales underway our two major department stores are using new methods to achieve their sales.

       1. Myer is reducing its year-round discounting partly because of customer resistance and partly to help differentiate their key sales periods like end-of-year. David Jones has also reduced the length and breadth of their sales campaigns.
2. Both Myer and DJ’s have enhanced their loyalty card programs with thinks like first bite on special deals, “Make My Day” deals, and gift vouchers.
3. DJ’s are using social media to push its sales through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, plus heavy online advertising.
4. Myer offer “Make My Day” and “Daily Deal” throughout sales campaigns to “keep things fresh.” DJ’s doesn’t offer daily deals but has shortened its sales period from last year.