Friday 22 June 2012

What Has Nokia's Demise Got To Do With QVM?

Commentators around the globe are calling the end for Nokia as they again downsize their operation and head towards the dreaded cash runout scenario. Broadly, Nokia's decline has been blamed on their perception that they were a device manufacturer (phones) when in fact their lack of software cohesion brought them down. People were really buying the convenience of the whole communication activity – phone and software.
QVM is a bricks-n-mortar retailer that will need to embrace the new age consumerism that is fast becoming a reality. Nokia wasn't just a phone maker, it was a communication provider. QVM isn't just a physical group of shops and traders, it is a satisfier of consumer needs and the environment in which we offer those services is changing rapidly.

It is easy to question QVM efforts to embrace online marketing. Concepts like Shop The Sheds haven't exactly set the world on fire but online marketing is still a fledgling industry and a lot of testing and adjustment will be needed along the way. Results may not come quickly, but it is critical that a link is drawn between these programs and the financial results for traders so we know we are on the right track (or not).