Friday 29 June 2012

New Vision for QVM

     July 12th is the date for a special briefing on how the Melbourne City Council sees our future at QVM. Many traders have asked us what the briefing is about and unfortunately we don’t have any detail other than to say it will be a presentation to all traders by two senior MCC executives and questions will be invited at the conclusion.     
     The strategic planning process is an ongoing function at the Melbourne City Council and the QVM features highly. Projects like the recent tramstop works in Elizabeth St. at the bottom end of the market, and in Peel St. at the top end of the market, are all part of a long term strategy plan to keep improving QVM and, in those particular projects, improve the ways that customers are able to interact with us. The glass roof over J shed, the food court, and the solar panel installation were all part of strategy plans.

     Some things just don’t seem to get done. Improving the number of carparking spaces has been on the agenda for a long time without a solution being found. Maybe this will be addressed on July 12th. One thing is for sure - we will all be a little wiser about what the future holds for this market.

     All market traders are invited to attend the briefing on Thursday 12th July at the Victoria Room, Ibis Melbourne, 15-21 Therry St. at 3:30pm.