Friday 8 June 2012

Tourist Buses

Market legend has it that a past CEO of QVM used to pay cash fees to bus drivers who brought their passengers to our market. Things have changed a lot in recent years and in answer to many trader queries here is an update.
For starters, we now have a lot more competition for bus passengers with organised shopping and tourist tours offering a range of destinations and enticements to customers.  

In the past, QVM would offer to assist regional tour operators with their local advertising if they brought their passengers to QVM. The market would then do a meet-n-greet with passengers on arrival and present them with shopping vouchers or special deal coupons. The Market continues to offer a meet and greet service for organised tours to the Market.   ...cont'd

QVM are in the process reviewing the current tour offer and looking at developing a new tour for General Merchandise targeting interstate and international tourists. Tours are big business and it is necessary to not only get the pricing right but to incorporate a commission or fee structure of up to 30% that allows for commissions to paid to the Inbound Tour Operator, the Wholesaler and the local Tour Operator. QVM makes no money on this type of activity. QVM have been developing the tour over the past six months and are looking to finalise the product in the coming months.  

Of course we already have a tourist bus on our doorstep with the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle ( featuring QVM on its itinerary. The bus stops at the top end of the market on Peel St. every half hour adjacent to the new M shed precinct. Figures provided by the City of Melbourne indicate that 46,313 passengers have been dropped off at the Market by the shuttle in the past year. 

QVM has recently been accepted as one of 15 tourist products to feature as part of the Myki Visitor Pass ( ) which has been developed by the State Government in conjunction with the Industry to entice tourists to buy a pre loaded Myki card for use on tram, train, and bus travel. The card will be supplied with a tourist map and coupons  offering discounts to some of Melbourne's top tourist attractions including QVM. Unfortunately, the offer will be restricted to QVM Foodie Tours at present however there is an opportunity to include the new General Merchandise Tour in the future.

09/06/2012 23:59:02 "the assistance or ""resistance"" from the QVM office to organize the buses to pass by our door without remuneration for themselves is no less than disgusting!
The market has redeeming qualities that attracts people to come to us by our reputation alone.
We must be doing something right!!They come to see what we have to offer and miracle of miracles they purchase!!
" shuttle bus service