Saturday 16 June 2012

Retail News Shorts – 16/06/2012

LookSmart Looks to the Future

This mall-based alteration chain is looking to open a store a month as it cashes in on a new consumerism trend. Apparently savings conscious Australians are looking to update existing clothing as an alternative to buying new clothing. LookSmart franchises are adding embroidery and dry cleaning services to their range as they tap new markets.

Cashed Up Young Men Make Their Mark

Australian National Retailers Association CEO says retailers are reporting more action from young men 18-25, particularly in fashion and accessories. Apparently the stay-at-home generation don’t have the mortgage or rent woes of other groups and are willing to spend on tailored clothing and more upmarket goods.  cont'd.....

Apple Replaces Google Maps

Apple is to replace Google Maps with its own map program on iPhones and iPads. Traders who show up on Google Maps may wish to set up an entry on Yelp which Apple have just purchased as its propriety map application.

Domestic Tourists Spend More

Australian tourists have spent $50 billion in Australia, in one year, for the first time. Tourism Australia says it is the best news in a long time with 4 straight quarters of growth. Tourism spending is up 10% on the year and, even allowing for a bounce back from the Queensland floods, shows real growth.