Friday 29 June 2012

Trader’s Elections – The Background

    Traders will have received a notice from the Australian Electoral Commission concerning elections for the Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee (called the Traders Advisory Committee in office correspondence). What is it all about?     The election will invite traders to nominate candidates for the Trader’s Advisory Committee (TAC) which is a body set up by QVM broadly to communicate with traders . Meetings are held quarterly, although sometimes more frequently. They cover a broad range of issues including advertising and promotion, trading hours (particularly on public holidays), the impact of special events on stallholder access, and a general conduit for management/stallholder communications. These meetings DO NOT discuss rents or contractual issues relating to individual traders.
    It is fair to say that the TAC has lost its relevance in recent times. It has become a “tick the boxes” procedure for management and has had little relevance for real trader’s issues. In other words it has been a bit of a one-way communication tool for management. Our CEO, Jennifer Hibbs, has recognised this shortcoming and has indicated she wants a more meaningful exchange at meetings, particularly as we head into the consultation process for the long term strategic plan. This election process will give traders the opportunity to select who will represent them as the consultative process moves forward. ....cont'd (click on heading for full article and comments)

    At present, the nomination process closes on 16th July, but we have asked management to extend the deadline so that all traders can seriously consider what is at stake and who they would like to represent them. We have also asked some other questions about how the process works and we will convey the answers to you as soon as they are received.
    After years of operating in the background, it is probably time the TAC realised its potential as a useful communication channel.