Saturday 30 June 2012

Channel 7 Says Tough Times for QVM

One of the feature items on the Channel 7 News at 6 ‘o’clock tonight concerned tough times at the Queen Victoria Market. Following is a transcript of the news item.
 Promo to Channel 7 News: "Hello... Vic Market Traders struggling to make ends meet..."

 Intro to 7 News: “On tonight's News... how the iconic Victoria Market has been hit by hard times..."

 Channel 7 Report 30/6/2012 ......cont'd (click on article heading for rest of story)


-Traders at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market fear a drop in shoppers is threatening the viability of the iconic Market. Poor parking and access and increased competition is being blamed for the downturn. Margaret Dekker has more.

- (trader on screen spruiking) “here $4 mushroom"

-Margaret Dekker: "They've been spruiking at Queen Victoria Market now for 134 years.”

-Robert Melasecca ( Market goer / trader?) "They're actually not talking about the fruit half the time, they're actually making jokes about the people".

-Margaret Dekker: "But jokes aside, times are changing with claims shopper patronage is plummeting".

-(Market Trader - Fruit and Veg) “Oh, during the week sometimes it's not even worth opening.”

-Margaret Dekker: " Cynthia Wellings has been shopping here for over a decade."

-Cynthia Wellings (Shopper): " I think numbers are dwindling here, I don't think it's well enough advertised".

-(Another Shopper): "Yeah, it's unfortunate because I do think people are going to the supermarket a bit too much"

-Margaret Dekker: " Traders say there's no denying business is down, for some by up to 30%"

-Frankie Fontana (Trader - Fruit and Veg): "Parking's a main issue, you know, people used to come here, you save $20 on shopping, but now you're spending $30 on parking, so and then if you park and stay overtime you're going to get booked".

-Margaret Dekker: "In a statement the City of Melbourne said there have been no changes to parking restrictions, tariffs or patrols around the Market, and Council is committed to the Vic Market's future.

-Michael Presser (Vic Market Advisory Group): "Taking into account what's happening in retail all over Australia, we're probably faring better than some."

-Greg Smith (Trader. - GMT): " It fluctuates, yes always has, for 33 years it has, we've been through tough times here in the past"
-"Margaret Dekker 7  News".

Thanks for the transcript Ivano. - Ed

30/6/2012 2149hrs - "The maximum fee for parking at the market is $25 for a whole day, so traders stating that it costs $30 to park at the market is not going to help our cause." Drita Mclennan