Friday 15 June 2012

Should We Trade On Australia Day 2013

   The latest Traders Bulletin has asked for feedback on proposed trading hours for Australia Day 2013. Australia Day in 2013 falls on Saturday 26th January.   
   In 2012, QVM management asked if we wanted to trade on Australia Day and the response from your trader representatives was a resounding yes. It is fair to say that our decision didn’t meet with universal approval from traders with a small but vocal group questioning our allegiance to Australia’s heritage and another group claiming that Australia day was one of the few days that traders could enjoy with their families.
   Your trader’s representatives have a view that the market should trade on any normal trading day that Victorian laws allow. Basically we disapprove of the recent trend by management to close the market on public holidays and we reject any suggestion that the market should close just because other areas (food) choose to close. We won’t get into all the pros and cons right now because we want you to have a say first.
   We would like to be sure we are speaking for all traders when considering whether we open or close on Australia Day 2013 so please enter your comments below.