Thursday 26 July 2012

Heads Up On Marketing Opportunity

The last two Trader Bulletins have contained information about the upcoming Shop The Sheds campaign for September-November. Traders interested in some free marketing should take note.
The campaign includes a number of promotion channels, not the least of which is the Facebook “Get Offer” facility that we reported on recently. One trader received over 50 email responses claiming their special offer.

Remember, to make this campaign really effective you should make your offer exclusive to the campaign. In other words, don’t just submit a generic special that is available to all customers who visit your stall. This is all about making respondents to social media and QVM print marketing feel extra special. It is the trader’s way of emulating Daily Deal or special club offers run by major retailers and online outlets. We believe that, done correctly, this type of campaign has potential for success.

You can express your interest in the campaign by emailing by Sunday 12th August.