Monday 9 July 2012

Trader Issue - F Shed Needs A Roof

The following issue has probably slipped under the radar a bit but our thanks go to this trader for bringing it to our attention.

09/07/2012 15:45:59 Roof in F Shed "F Shed is the only Shed at the Victoria Market, that is very open to the mercey of the climate. It is a trading shed, but the only one without a roof.
The Rental is quite close to the Shopping Centre's rent if you count the hours and days of trade, but the business is always effected by the rain, wind or Hot Sun.
The customers do not want to walk under the rain, under the harsh Sun or when its too windy. As a result all the Shops at the F Shed are suffering from the above, and losing business at all times.
If you approach and talk to the traders, they are all quite upset and destress when the weather is not favourable, specially Melbourne weather.
I do think the F shed traders deserve a roof over their shed so that they can trade in a reasonalble trade environment."

13/07/2012 18:13:41 Roof and security "If F shed get a roof our security will lose a very important part of everyday activity.What a loss." Mino