Friday 13 July 2012

Thursday Nights Strategy Briefing

Here, in point form, are our notes on Thursday night’s “QVM – Thinking About The Future” briefing. We stress these are just notes and in the heat of discussion it is easy to miss points. We are hoping those of you who attended may be able to fill in the gaps in the comment section.
Speakers:            Paul Guerra, Chairman of the Board, QVM Pty.Ltd.

                                Kathy Alexander – Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne City Council.

                                Rob Adams – Director of City Design, Melbourne City Council.

Paul Guerra –talked about a joint responsibility to protect the history of the QVM and ensure its viability for the future. ...cont'd

Kathy Alexander – talked about the pivotal role the market will play in events and recreation in the city’s north as well as linking QVM with other events in the city. Kathy said the council was talking about major capital works involving QVM.

Rob Adams – described the transition in city planning in this way – first we moved south creating Southbank, then we moved west creating Docklands, now we are moving north to create an entry point to the north of the city incorporating QVM. Rob talked about –

-          Connecting pedestrian and bicycle paths to the City.
-          Creating parking, storage and cool room facilities under ground at A, B, and C sheds.
-          Utilising the market after 5 pm including the enclosure of J, K, and L sheds much like is done with the Suzuki Night Market.
-          Creating a more diverse offer at the market including better and more varied food.
-          Modifying the opening hours.
-          Improving traffic movement around QVM.
-          Creating an Art Community in the vicinity of QVM.

Kathy Alexander – said just “protecting” the QVM was not enough – we need to ensure its survival and business viability.

Traders Questions – many points were made from a variety of trader groups with issues including  -
-          Painting, garbage collection and seating.
-          A shed’s disconnection from the rest of the market.
-          Lighting within sheds.
-          Encouraging trader consultation.
-          Poor business.
-          Drainage issues.
-          “Brick wall” management style.
-          Loading bay debacle.


Kathy Alexander – noted the importance of getting communications right. The challenge is to work together. We can’t have 25% of traders scuttling the process at the last minute. This process will require a substantial value proposal being put to council and prior agreement is important to getting it carried.
Paul Guerra – Are we up for change? We cannot do this in little pieces. It requires a “one hit” approach with compromise an essential ingredient. I will make myself available once a week to work through issues.
Rob Adams – we have ideas but not yet a formal plan. Trader’s input is essential before formalising a plan. I will be available to work with traders.

Paul Guerra – Change is not easy but the MCC has committed to keeping the market rather than sell and develop the site. The QVM must remain –

-          A Pearl of Melbourne.
-          A vibrant entity.
-          A true market environment.
-          A place of entertainment.
-          Easily accessible by foot or vehicle.


14/07/2012 14:42:26  I think you forgot to mention that Rob Adams said at the moment stall holders have different locations on different days and he wanted to stop that and have the market built in we're stall holders have a pemanent stall everyday. I can imagine what would happen if I got placed in c shed. :(       Ed - Thank you for this comment. Rob did mention a built in market but I think he was only talking about JKL sheds and he was at great pains to say it could be done without changing the market feel so presumably it did not include lock up cages or the like. This would be a good point to take up at our next face to face.