Monday 16 July 2012

Trading Hours – Continued

If we were to call a halt to our discussion on trading hours right now we would have to say that 10-4 on each trading day would be the preferred option for General Merchandise Traders. If you don’t agree with that, or you would like to add your “Yes” vote, make sure you comment below. Perhaps you could also ask your trader neighbours what they think. The wider this discussion, the better.

23/06/2012 21:40:41 "Yes." (to 10-4 Trading Hours)
01/07/2012 18:14:52 "YES  to 10am - 4pm.  When can we start?"  Mary-Anne (Airllywood) Trading Hours  
08/07/2012 19:22:03 "10-4 sound right yes " 
16/07/2012 15:54:46 "Yes, I agree that 10am-4pm would be suitable for both traders and shoppers alike.  Same time each day also, so there is some solid consistency.  Trading hours" 
17/07/2012 14:30 "GROWING TREND -Having spent a month in Thailand. I did notice that all malls and even supermarkets had instigated new trading hours,  Currently they stay open late, but open for business at 11 am.  This applied in residential areas  and tourist  areas. The staggering of business and shopping hours  helps to  lessen congestion.  It maybe a good idea for the market too." Morry Parush