Thursday 26 July 2012

Market Interview - Cameron

Name. Cameron Where were you born ? Lilydale
What do you sell ?  Candy, and I also work with my Mum Robyn at her aromatherapy stall.
How long have you been trading ? 2 years
Have you served any famous people ? former Melbourne Lord Mayor John So
If I was to give you a 2 week free holiday anywhere in the world, where would choose to go?  Borneo or Brazil.
Thing you most love about the market? Meeting  different people and  cultures that mix so well.
Thing you dislike about the market? Cold mornings and thieves.
What your favourite meal / drink? Korean. Asahi Beer and Vittoria coffee latte.
Favourite music, movie?  Too many – reggae, electronic, hip hop. TV show - The Wire (tony* brilliant choice)
Tell me something nobody knows about you?  I'm studying to become a tour guide.

Interviewed by Tony