Saturday 14 July 2012

New Copenhagen Market Sets The Standard

At Thursday night's QVM Strategy Meeting Rob Adams made mention of best practise in markets around the world and particularly mentioned the new Copenhagen market. It was mentioned in reference to QVM possibly moving to a closed in market with greater certainty in trader location and operation. Rob felt this could be achieved without destroying the market "feel".

Here is the blurb from the Copenhagen Market's website -
"Welcome to Northern Europe's largest and most dynamic marketplace and distribution center for fresh produce, flowers and handicrafts which are expected to be ready for occupation in 2014. Copenhagen Markets is designed to meet the demands of tomorrow's retail, food service sector and consumers place on their suppliers and partners."
Here is a link to a virtual reality video of the new market (with thanks to Michael Presser).
The video is a little lengthy but stick with it because it gives a good idea of how a closed in, open span modern market might look.