Sunday 29 July 2012

What Do You Think of M Shed?

There is a buzz of excitement over the new String Bean Alley retail concept as the opening day draws near.
We have had a number of comments like these –
“ I like the look of it. It adds a new dimension and I hope it is successful.”
“In the current Retail environment you are either brave or stupid to start up a new venture.”
“It looks good. Hopefully the rear of L shed can be made to look more appealing.”
"I am having trouble getting access to my stall.”
“Where can I get one of those planter boxes. They are ace.”

What do you think? Give us your thoughts below.

29/07/2012 18:09:15 M shed "Looks fantastic, market stuff well done. One note - use the back of these( parking of first row) for boxes, they look terrible scattered all over and unsafe.
And as there would be less room for parking, urge council to facilitate us , by changing parking restriction around the perimeter of market. and also offer Saturday and Sunday free parking in the market. Problem solved." andy
29/07/2012 18:54:44 New shops "I want one. Excellent." Mino - JLP Melbourne
29/7/2012 11:45 M shed "Storage box relocation.....epic fail." - Mark                         
30/07/2012 08:28:26 M Shed Will be interesting to see how this work, I can see it might over summer but definately not in winter! if it does it again will not solve the rest of the problems for the market, its once again a cover up for the mayor problems. If this does work in some way it will work for those in M shed, what about the other hundreds of traders!? i think M shed will make it worse for the rest of the market as it kind of yells out "Hey look at us, we are good quality stall holders, how great you only have to come down here to see the best of the market, forget about the GM area!"... seriously... when is someone going to wake up and do what really needs to get done at this market?              
30/07/2012 10:50:13 m shed traders The concept is great.they look neat and of course it will serve a dual purpose for night seems to be theme lately. day traders are having to work around everything else the market management are there no respect left at all for the day traders..i hear the rent for most is about $600 a month for a 3 day trade..also it seems they are blessed with electricity nice platforms and a nice containers access.. here we are busting ourselves to load and unload for so many years, given giood service and loyalty, and now we see brand new tenants in a very tough retail period having everything at their dispopsal for next to nothing rent..WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?
30/7/2012 15:30 M shed “I agree with the sentiment that it would be nice for the rest of general merchandise to be treated like the M shed tenants. However, as much as rent is an issue for us, we shouldn’t be concerned about the rents in M shed. As as an ex manufacturer I know the economics of making your own goods are totally different to regular retailing. Making goods and then turning up at the market to sell them creates a completely different cost structure to buying goods for $5 and selling for $20. In fact I applaud management for their understanding of that point. As for the rest of it? – Yes, we deserve some breaks.”
30/07/2012 19:08:16 M Shed "Kudos for a display of initiative and creative thinking. Just goes to show when there is a will to achieve and accomplish via positive innovations things get done.
However... when your house has some major structural flaws, you don’t build a Gazebo out the back! Get your house in order first, then by all means...
Might I suggest an alphabetic approach, start with A shed and work your way through till you’ve addressed and made some headway in resolving current issues and concerns then as stated above, by all means, go for it, and we’ll all be behind you."
30/07/2012 20:32:42 M Shed "Things look nice all lined up - little boxes, but seriously M Shed Laneway has effectively been the :""Service Lane"" for L, K, Rear of K, Rear of L, J, Sheds. To remove this amenity with no consultation affects  many stallholders adversely - ie traders forced to attempt to accommodate their boxes on their stalls thus reducing dramatically trading space.  Other traders are looking to change to large vehicles at great expense  exacerbating the already difficult parking.  The ""first come first in"" for the limited and inadequate box storage is divisive  and certain to cause frictions between traders/other traders and management.  By removing M Shed storage it makes the box storage situation almost impossible.
String Bean Alley makes the Market bigger, most would probably agree it is already big enough - yes it does seem to be geared towards the night markets at the expense again of regular day traders.  Enough is enough.
Traders in L Shed have for many years moved to this location because there was more space for boxes and/or vehicles and trade.  Many now have been reduced by up to half.  I don't know how well it will work as a trading area - have some doubts, but if it does work it there will be more containers  and if it doesn't we will pay for it - we are the cash cow - we pay for all the bright ideas"

05/08/2012 18:24:06 M shed Where is the consideration for the existing stall holders who hand craft their stock?????
08/08/2012 11:00:57 M shed "Well done for all the great comments! Does management also read these comments?    - Ed:Our website has wide readership but issues like this are raised direct with management when appropriate.