Friday 13 July 2012

Trader Power – Leah Moore

Trader, Leah, has a particular issue that she has raised with the office and via this website in the past. Last night she got her ultimate audience in MCC CEO Kathy Alexander, Director of City Design Rob Adams, and QVM Board Chairman Paul Guerra.
Leah stood up at the strategy meeting and explained that she had a problem with tourists congregating in front of her Peel St. stall, particularly on wet or very hot days. You see, her stall was the first point of shelter for tourists waiting for the next tourist shuttle at the Peel St. stop. Leah explained that the existing bus shelter was too small to accommodate more than half a dozen tourists so they flowed over into her stall area.
Leash didn’t get a commitment on the night but the nodding of heads from people like Rob Adams suggested this was something that should be fixable. Here was an impressive display of communication power as people at all levels of the QVM family make an effort to resolve key issues. Along the way, some of the smaller matters get attended to as well.  Well done Leah.