Sunday 1 July 2012

Trader’s Elections – More Background

               Following on from our last post on nominations for the Traders Advisory Committee we can confirm that one extra position has been added to the nominations list this year. Other Leaseholders (including F Shed and food caravan operators within the vicinity of QVM) now has two possible representatives.
                You will note from the election papers that General Merchandise representatives are divided into those representing PE Traders, which we understand refers to those on pre-existing licenses, and SL Traders, which covers traders on the newer transferable licences.  General Merchandise have 2 positions for PE Traders (currently held by John Magno and Michael Presser) and 2 positions for SL Traders (Peter Auden holds one position and the other remains vacant).

                Elections are only held if the number of nominees exceeds the number of positions available. On the occasion of the last election process, June 2010,  it was not necessary to hold an election as the number of nominees did not exceed the number of available positions.

We have asked management a number of questions about how this nomination/election system will operate. For instance, can SL Traders nominate a non SL Trader to represent them on the TAC?  We will relay their response to you as soon as possible.