Sunday 29 July 2012

Election Nominees – Other Leaseholders

The following traders have advised us that they are nominees in the upcoming elections for the Trader's Advisory Committee. There are two positions for the Other Leaseholders category which includes the F shed Shops, Victoria St. shops, Box Hire, and the Food Court amongst others.  Only Other Leaseholder Traders can vote in this category. Postal votes are expected to be sent to all eligible traders this week.

We have listed the nominees alphabetically which may be nothing like the order shown on your ballot paper. In addition to the 5 nominees listed , there are 3 other nominees who have not contacted us with their details. Make sure you read the voting instructions carefully. This is a great opportunity to select who you want to represent you as we move forward with the Future Vision for the QVM.

Ashley Bibb – Ashley operates the Funk Fish Cafe in the Food Court.

Damian Mammone – Damian operates a cafe in the Food Court.

Ben Moulton – Ben is a Box Hire Operator and has attended many TAC meetings as an observer.

Jenny Pike – Jenny has a long history in the market including active participation in major projects like the J shed roofing. (No photo)

Joe Stolareck – Joe operates Vicmarket Communications in F shed.