Sunday 2 March 2014

Confessions Of A Rule Breaker

From Trader Greg Smith - 

As a QVMAC Representative I am conscious of trying to do the right thing and setting a good example. So when I read our CEO’s list of 10 key market rules and I realised I was breaking one of them, it came as a bit of a shock.

You see, I am a PE Trader but I am not always at my stall. My absences are usually because I am working on trader matters and of course that is a very honourable task. My wife, Sue, looks after the stall in my absence and market rules do allow members of the stallholders immediate family to act as stallholders but only with management approval. I have today mailed in an official request to the Manager of the market requesting that my wife be allowed to act as stall holder in my absence. If you stop seeing me around the market or I stop contributing to this website you will know why.

In the meantime I have been suitably chastised by a quote from eminent author and thinker Guy Kawasaki.
 “Smart, well-meaning people get it wrong when they start believing that the world owes them something and that the rules are different for them.” – Guy Kawasaki
I guess the same applies to anybody that breaks rules intended for the good of the whole market community.