Friday 21 March 2014

Renewal Car Park Options Discussed

At a meeting of traders and management on Tuesday afternoon a preferred option for the QVM car park was discussed which could have significant implications for trader operations.

Approximately 20 Specialty Merchandise traders attended a meeting at the first floor meeting room, cnr Queen & Franklin Sts. The meeting was addressed by CEO, Jan Cochrane-Harry and Fiona Whitworth from CoM.

The current preferred option from QVM is for an underground car park under A, B, and C sheds. This option meets a number of management aims. Firstly it allows the current car park to keep operating and meets the commitment given to traders for uninterrupted customer parking. Secondly it keeps parking as near as possible to the actual trading areas of the market in contrast to some of the other off-site options. Thirdly it keeps car parking on-site and under the control of QVM.

Much discussion took place about the option including an alternative car park arrangement presented by trader, John Magno, which involved a car park under the Franklin St. triangle and a separate underground facility for unloading and services under Queen St. It was considered that the Queen St. option had merit.

If the A, B, C shed option is adopted it will involve a lengthy construction period and disruption to traders. It is anticipated that traders displaced by construction works would still be accommodated in the top end with possible additions like marquees on Queen St. Obviously there would still be compromises to fit everybody in. Much needs to be considered and discussed if this is to be a viable option for all parties.

We are about to enter stage 2 of the renewal consultation phase and we can expect car parking and construction impacts to be high on the agenda. If traders have not already engaged in this process we suggest they prepare to engage in the next stage. These are very important issues that will impact on how we do business at QVM.