Friday 14 March 2014

Trader Has To Buy From Own Market

The title sounds a little over bearing and in fact it was the owners of Elliot's Cafe in London's famous Borough Market that proposed they would only sell produce from the market.

They saw their cafe as the perfect opportunity to highlight the wonderful fresh food at Borough Market with a swag of artisan food producers and a quality and variety not found elsewhere.

The lease of Elliot's Cafe actually states that they must buy the majority of their ingredients from the market around them and we think QVM could learn from the concept. In fact QVMAC Representative and fishmonger, George Milonas, has proposed this very idea for the food sold at our food festivals in Queen St.

QVM is one of the best sources of fresh food in the world so why not highlight the transition from fresh food to  ready to eat food right here on our doorstep?