Tuesday 11 March 2014

Traders Input On Night Market

Valuable input from a Night Market trader - 

11/03/2014 01:12:51 Night Market "I have been trading at The Night Market for the past few years and have found it to be very successful - however I do acknowledge that my product 'fits' the criteria and is something that people will easily purchase whilst passing by with a Sangria in hand. I do feel for some stall holders who this is not the case for and am finding that the market is attracting a much younger crowd this year. 
I'm not sure how to encourage more people to 'buy' as yes, I do agree that it is purely a night out for drinks and meeting with friends for many. Many families will not attend the night market as they see it as a place for young ones and the crowds turn them off. 
Perhaps moving the food stalls around - and having some sort of set up like the Luna Night Market - where people walk around the entire market and not just one section..... who knows.
At the end of the day, stall holders also need to take ownership of their sales. In such an environment where there are thousands of people shopping each week, stall holders must embrace this opportunity and work on a product that is suitable for the retail environment they are in. I cater my stock differently for the night market as other design markets, knowing what sells and pushing these items and creating a unique shopping environment for people to get noticed, and to purchase from. "

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11/03/2014 14:51:36 Happy Nite mkt trader "Who was this person that was so articulate & inspiring??? Next time write your name so I can pat on the back for doing so well & succeeding at qvm!!" Rosalie

12/03/2014 1730 "Great to hear from you Rosalie" - Ed.