Saturday 22 March 2014

Trader Comments - 22/3/2014

We have a variety of comments on a variety of subjects. Thank you all for your input.

22/03/2014 12:57:23 Before the car park "Not sure about the age of this photo, but l can remember some of these extra sheds.
I do remember there was both ""N"" and ""O"" sheds. These were removed to increase the car park spaces, prior to the roof being placed over what was called the ""Open Roadway"" now known as ""J"" shed. This is going back some 30 years ago.
The difference is, we had a lot more customers in our aisles back then. It was shoulder to shoulder and you did the shuffle as you walked down each aisle." Lance

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22/03/2014 09:48:30 Car park "The 'management' are totally controlling the future of QVM by way of a car parking problem.You ( the mgt) MUST send out by STAMPED MAIL to each & every stall holder of your intentions.NOW! As you are now talking of the 2nd stage.! A third of the traders are not of English speaking backgrounds and there families livelihoods here." Rosalie
Thanks for the input Rosalie. Although we are about to enter the second stage this is still just consultation. This is discussion time to help formulate ideas before they are put on the table. The opportunity for traders to participate are many and varied but sitting back and waiting for a letter is probably not the best option. If more traders took your lead and actively engaged with forums like this website we would all be better off. Am I trying to drum up business? - You bet! - Ed

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22/03/2014 13:08:26 Age Article "Would the $20.50 they are referring to be the actual rent of a Tuesday single store, plus GST of course. The boxes, tables, and any other expenses are all additional costs. The basic single stall rent is only $20.50." Lance
That is correct Lance. $20.50 is for a single stall on a Tuesday. We estimate the average cost of rent, box-hire, and table hire for Specialty Traders (general merchandise) is $600.00 per week for a standard holding (two single stalls) over 5 days. - Ed.

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22/03/2014 13:55:42 Like for like traders near each other "Having been walking around a number of shopping centres lately, I thought l would look into the comments of like stores near each other. Yes clothing, phone and food stores are near each other, but when you look deeper, the majority of other styles of stores are not. You do not find the following stores near each other: Jewellery (Zamels, Micheal Hill) Lingerie ( cotton on, bras n things) Shoes (sportsco, athletes foot) You will also not find a Target next to a Big W or Kmart, just like you won't find a Dick Smith next to a Tandy store. The problem with our repetition is just that repetition. Unlike our shopping centre counterparts, the majority of us dont have our own brand names to distinguish ourselves from the competition. We all use the same suppliers as we are all small businesses and do not have multiple stores in every state to generally make purchasing direct from the manufacturer viable (not saying some people in QVM do not do this already). It comes down to traders not copying each other with product lines. A large number of traders see another trader selling an item well, and they race out to the suppliers and buy that item, instead of looking to distinguish themselves from the opposition, they want to be the same. Yes you are never going to be able to have a stall that does not contain the same items as someone else selling your product, but make it the minimal amount of products not the majority. "

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23/03/2014 08:33:52 Central market "The broader view of customers is that the last 6 months of the central market has never been better, the vibe is better, the markets looking better. I don't know about the politics but the experience is good."
23/03/2014 09:09:37 Adelaide Central Market "For clarification, the current CEO's name is Claude Baxter, and all board members have resigned, including the chairperson." D
Thank you D. Our apologies for getting Mr Baxter's name wrong - Ed.

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