Sunday 30 March 2014

Traders Comment On Two Current Issues

Thank you to these traders for their comments - 

29/03/2014 09:04:30 Redevelopment - general merchandise changes "It is noted that a possible change could be a reduction in stalls, by size and amount of stalls. I have a question that l would like answered:
If my stalls are reduced in size, which will impact the number of products l can display, the available ranges, reduce my set up look and shopping experience at my stall, therefor ultimately reducing my overall sales turnover, therefor my profit, resulting in a lower wage, will there be compensation for this?
I am sure that if you asked any of the QVM Management, City of Melbourne councillors  or state politicians if they would take a large reduction in salary during the time of the redevelopment they would not be willing, but this is a real potential for all traders if traders stalls are reduced.
This is the business that pays me my weekly wage, pays my mortgage, my gas, electricity, water, phone and puts food on the table at home. This is not a something l do to subsidise my income to pay off debts or to have additional income, this is my income, and this is a concern that by reducing my stall size you reduce my income." Lance
29/03/2014 15:00:56 Media reports "I'm sure Jim did not mean those comments to be blown out of proportion  anyway he deserves an apology the media should have more sense than to report things they can easily edit .
I am very annoyed about the suggestion Stallholders pay $20. per day rent
that would suggest to the public we are all paying very low rents and making huge profits on cheap junk.  That really needs to be corrected and the media needs to realise we all pay Rents Taxes and other on going business expenses  we dont get our stock over the rooftops on a dark night  we are legit.  businesses these things tarnish the image of the market in a big way" A & J   E Shed

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