Thursday 6 March 2014

Is The New F Shed Shop Really New?

Many traders have commented on the new sheepskin footwear shop in F shed and asked whether the introduction of another outlet in this category is simply repetition.

Sheepskin footwear, ugg boots, moccasins form part of a very important category at QVM. Every tourist who has passed by the upmarket boutiques in places like London and Paris, and even at our own airports, with their $300 sheepskin boots can only marvel at the prices and variety on offer at QVM. It is a category we do very well and there are a number of sheepskin traders throughout the top end of QVM. But do we need another outlet? Is this new shop going to enhance the QVM experience?

We have been advised that the concept on display at the F shed shop is unique. Uniqueness can be displayed in many ways. Ideally for QVM it would come in the form of a totally new product although it can also be displayed through an exciting new presentation or merchandising idea – something that raises the bar, creates a point of difference, excites customers, and makes QVM a more attractive place to shop.

It is early days for this new shop. We are told there is more to do and we will be watching progress with great interest.