Sunday 30 March 2014

Traders Comment On Herald-Sun Article

"I don’t even know where to start but here goes
So today a self-serving stallholder thinks he has the right to speak for others in regards to how they feel about the market, yes you are entitled to your opinion but its just that, yours and yours alone. So here’s my view
My family started in the early 70s as a trader at the Queen Victoria Market . My Father was Albanian, my mother Australian and together saw the market as an opportunity to provide a solid start for their family. Market life is not easy, we give up every weekend to work when most are having time with their families, but from my point of view I wouldn’t change a thing. Back in the 70’s my father was the wog that people complained about taking over their country, but without immigrants where would this country be. Every person that is willing to start from nothing and take a risk has that right to try, since when did we decide that the race of a person determines if they are suitable to run a business. A comment in a public forum about the race of a person reflects poorly on the whole market. We need public support not backlash.
As for comments on the tacky Australiana stalls, of which I run one, how dare anybody comment on someone else’s livelihood, do I criticize you and your store. We give the tourist what they want, unfortunately you may think it is tacky, but again your opinion. Our business is successful; therefore clearly what we are doing is working. People are on a budget; from our experience some individuals wont pay more the $10 for their souvenirs. Yes there are people willing to pay more but 90% believe a market is cheap and that is what they are looking for. Australian made stock is not, therefore even when utilized, is not sold.
If you wish to talk about too many of the same stalls well we all know where that started, but hopefully new management is on top of that and things will change. Instead of bitching about all the negatives lets look for the positives, these Sunday markets at the top end of “A “ shed look like a great start, hopefully its something different and will bring in a new batch of locals. Change can’t happen over night but at least it’s a start.
My concern in the future for the market, is why would we go to all the trouble of creating an underground car park which will create no more space that we currently have available. Furthermore how is it going to effect my business going forward."
Drita McLennan

01/04/2014 10:02:52 Explanation Media Article "A couple of things to clarify regarding my comments.
I guess it was to much to ask for the paper to be a little honest and representative of what I spoke about in full.

I had a phone conversation with the gentleman from the sun-herald about 3 to 4 weeks ago. It was not an interview done on thursday. I had a phone call at 8:15am that morning telling me they are going to run an article on friday.
I was not privy of content or direction of article.
People need to realize they have completely misconstrued it, taking the parts they wanted to concentrate on and printed it.The premise, the main point of my argument is, why have management current and past, allowed the situation to get to this point? They are the ones in charge of stall allocation, approvals, and screening.
The sun-herald are very much friends of the current state Government and town hall. I am wondering who called the herald-sun at this point, and who would approve such a stupid lead-in and headline." - Jim Antonopoulos