Wednesday 12 March 2014

Trader Comments On Market Rules

A Trader Comments on the recent announcement by our CEO that market rules are to be enforced.

11/3/2014 1405Hrs - "Management need to be congratulated for declaring an end to the inconsistent standards that have existed in the market for so many years. Traders need to understand that to start eliminating reasons for bad trading results, we need to begin somewhere. 
The question remains? How will management police it when we already don't see enough presence of market management on the trading floor. What time period is management using? Will they continually suggest that it will take time? On the other end of the spectrum, why has it taken stall holders to keep complaining for management to respond to this problem. This has been a systemic issue for years. I am getting a little annoyed at the market management being reactive rather than proactive.
One suggestion to the market management. You have over 35 staff in the office.The market is at it's busiest in terms of number of traders and attendances on the weekend. Start taking your focus on everything else like external activities which includes the night market ,etc and start re-positioning resources towards the day market especially over the week-end.
STRATEGY: Break up the market into 3 lane areas from which two people from the market can patrol each area up until 10:00 am.This cannot be done in good faith and it cannot be done from closed doors."