Sunday 27 August 2017

A Great Video Campaign For Our Market

The first video in the QVM Champions Of Aussie Made campaign was launched on Facebook on Thursday and it is a standout endorsement of a much under-valued aspect of the QVM offer.

We have a significant number of Australian products in our market and the video of David Kiper’s Catcher Coats range draws a wonderful link between modern clothing styles and old fashioned Australian craftsmanship.

David has a no-nonsense approach to his business and to retailing generally. Click on the photo above to be taken to the video.

Hopefully David will get a good response to this exposure, but more importantly, the market generally will gain a boost. Other coat traders, the fashion category generally, and every trader who can benefit from new consumer interest at QVM should welcome this type of promotion.

One trader who shared the video amongst their facebook friends and family got a big reaction. You might like to do the same. Everybody will love it, especially Beryl from Beaumaris (you have to watch the video).