Sunday 20 August 2017

Protecting Crowds At QVM

Fridays terrorist attack in Barcelona has once again highlighted the vulnerability of crowds of people in public places.
Barcelona is well known to traders because it is a city full of markets although this attack took place on a public street.
QVM Management reacted immediately with a review of concrete bollard placement in Queen St. on Friday and the installation of steel bollards at the top of J shed on Saturday as an extra measure. We understand that additional security staff were also called in.
Protecting a commercial environment will always have compromises as we ensure that normal business activity takes place while providing adequate security. The positioning of bollards in other areas of the market including the top of pedestrian aisles that lead on to Peel St. will no doubt be considered and may impact on trader operations in some way.
In the meantime, the Federal Government has announced a plan to protect Australians in crowded public place. Details including advice and tools for venue operators are expected to be released shortly.