Sunday 27 August 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 27/8/2017

Customer, Bernie, says he has a great idea for our proposed parkland on the site of the current car park. He believes we should have a mini zoo with kangaroos and koalas. It would be a great tourist attraction and remind all city dwellers, including traders, of our affinity with native animals.

Rain On The Night Market – our night markets are usually blessed with fair weather so heavy rain at 5pm on Wednesday came as a bit of a shock for traders. Apparently the crowd was down from the usual 30,000 to 18,000.

A Better Way To Determine Trader Compensation – instead of complex financials one trader has suggested BMI should be used. Body Mass Index figures before and after the commencement of renewal would indicate which traders have not been able to pay for essentials like food and are in most need of financial assistance. Trouble is that bananas might be offered as compensation.

Keep Digging – trader, Andy, is proposing that the digging under the sheds should go deep enough to link up with Metro Rail and give QVM its own railway station. As he says, that would solve half our parking problem.

Andrew Cyples Last Day – Friday was Andrew’s last day as he embarks on another stage of his career. You might see him down around the Exhibition Centre. Thanks for all the good work Andrew, particularly your tourism expertise.

Trestle Table Transformation – a few weeks back we wrote about a new trader in C Shed who had a minimal display using an old market timber trestle table, no cloth, and very little merchandising. Well, on Saturday he had transformed his display to include a black cloth that showed off his salt lamps beautifully, some discreet price marking, and a very professional display poster explaining the qualities of his product range. He said he actually liked using the natural timber table but agreed his display now looks more professional and serves him better.

One trader lamented the lack of interstate AFL teams in Melbourne this weekend and is looking forward to interstate teams participating in the finals.

Car Parking – Thursday’s trader information session in the Queen St. Engagement Hub was well attended and very informative although one sticking point appeared to be provision for car parking. A trader questioning how cars could be excluded from under the sheds (as planned under the renewal) when only the original 720 customer car spots were currently planned with 200 under A,B,C, and D Sheds, and 520 under Munro’s. Joanne Wandel said they were hoping to create an extra 38 spaces in the market underground and more spaces could be available with the developments at the southern end of the market.  We understand that QVM originally nominated that 1300 spaces were needed for customers and traders.

A Trader Commenting On Trader Success At The Night Market – pointed out that every trader at the night market (30 food and 50 Specialty Merchandise) probably gets customer exposure at a rate of 375 customers per trader. The day market traders get around 50 customers per trader.  Maybe that is the kpi we need to work on for the day market.

28/08/2017 16:17:47 Car Parking Spaces "With 700 hundred stall holders and allowing for 20 Management staff we will all have one car space each. Whats the problem???"
Exactly! - Ed