Sunday 8 April 2018

A Key Trader Request Is Answered

There have been many complaints from traders that QVM Management is too focused on renewal to the detriment of day to day market activities. The latest management shuffle may just address that issue.

QVM Renewal has indeed dominated our market and whilst the prospect of some long overdue investment in our market has appeal it is clear that there are just too many roadblocks to a smooth and speedy introduction. Whilst the politicking, staging, and general conflict of minority interest groups goes on we mustn’t neglect the main game which is addressing the level of retail trade at our market.

The appointment of Spiros Foscolos to a senior role following Brendan Devine’s resignation signals a return to core market business. Spiros’ appointment has not been confirmed at the time of writing but is being openly talked about in management circles. Spiros has well-grounded experience in a range of market activities. He has largely been involved in food related aspects of the market but is already spreading his wings into Specialty Merchandise.

It should be noted that this is not a criticism of Brendan Devine’s role. Brendan came to us originally with a renewal project brief and it was inevitable that he would be continually drawn into that role. If we read this latest move correctly then renewal matters will be placed directly with the Renewal Project Team and the QVM General Manager will get back to managing the market. That makes a lot of sense.

By Greg Smith