Sunday 8 April 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 8/4/2018

Traders Departing Update – The iconic livestock stall (chickens and ducks) on Queen St. traded for the last time on Saturday after what we believe was 45 years of trading. A trader in K Shed also called it quits whilst we understand that at least two permanent traders have asked to be transferred to the casual list.

CBD Report – one customer reported that they had just ventured up from the CBD (late morning on Saturday) and she believed we had a bigger crowd at the market than in the city.

Big Screens – a couple of traders are asking why we can’t have big screens at the market, showing off major events like the Commonwealth Games. That would add to the buzz, and give customers a nice interlude as they shopped. It could also encourage them to shop longer.

Responsible Trader – praiseworthy action by trader Noni when she spied a man stealing a wallet from a leather accessory stall. She quickly retrieved the stolen item from the culprit and then followed him closely to ensure he did not steal from another trader before security arrived and escorted him from the market. That is the sort of community oriented action we like to see from traders. The number that traders can call to notify security is 0414550451.

140th Anniversary Celebrations – One of our Market Officers is wondering who the first trader will be to offer 140% discount as part of the 140th birthday celebrations. Maybe we need to send him to that small business course entitled “How not to go broke by giving away money.”

Betty Jennings On QVM Board – Yes, our April Fool’s joke did get some reaction and we can categorically dismiss the rumour that Betty has gone out and bought a silk jacket and a big cigar.

School Holiday Crowds – thanks to Joe for pointing out that whilst Victoria and Queensland school holidays started last weekend, school holidays in every other state start on 14th April so we have more visitors to look forward to.

Will There Be A Feed-off From Commonwealth Games? – Joe also pointed out that the Sydney Olympics didn’t generate a lot of extra tourism in Melbourne after that event finished. Interestingly, there was a newspaper article during the week suggesting that Gold Coast cafes were reporting a 35% drop in business during the games. That probably makes sense if visitors to the Gold Coast are focused on sporting events rather than simple shopping. As always, attempting to predict retail trends can be a minefield.

Council Considers NMP Planning Permit – an application to vary the plans for the New Market Pavilion with a smaller structure went before Council this week. Council’s decision was to make "no decision at this time" which may reflect the Council operating under an Acting Lord Mayor and an election coming up next month.