Sunday 29 April 2018

Good Photos Can Make A Great Difference.

Good photos like the one above can have a great impact. We QVM Traders are all being urged to promote our businesses via social media, and that makes a lot of sense, not the least because it is largely free.

But like everything else we do there are degrees of excellence that can determine just how successful our efforts are ,and photography is one of those skills that with a little bit of effort can turn a ho-hum social media post into something special that impresses our customers.

Credit for this article goes to a trader who takes the subject of photography very seriously and he offered to help me with some promotional photos for my business. He has a $6000 camera but as we will reveal later that isn’t essential to get good results. As this trader says, it is not the equipment that gets results, it is the creativity that goes into the photo.

Here are few results from a quick photo-shoot at the market on Saturday.

These photos are quite simple in subject matter but I hope you will agree they all say a lot more than a simple bland photo of a product. Bland product photos are fine for catalogues but when you are trying to create some mystery and expectation, it takes a little more thought. The last photo, by the way, was taken with a smart-phone so you don’t need special equipment to get great results. The following photo was also taken with a smart-phone and I apologise for the blatant self promotion but it is a good example of how a little creativity can boost the impact of a photo.

A big thank you to Trader Mino, for encouraging some creative thinking in my photo taking and customer engagement.

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