Sunday 8 April 2018

Articles – Start A New Business, How To Maximise Instagram Marketing, Big Stores Go Small…..

Some very interesting articles came across our desk this week.

Starting a new business or “side-operation” for less than $1000 – this is an American article but the job descriptions are universal and with more of us experiencing some quiet time in our market businesses, perhaps there could be a valuable tip or two.
We quite like the Wedding Planner(saw the movie) or Personal Shopper (doing shopping for someone else).

Maximising Instagram marketing – with Facebook a bit on the nose and some good reports on digital communication through Instagram, this article may just be the ticket -

Big retailers going small – Target can produce twice the sales per square foot in smaller stores and they aren’t the only big retailers looking to go smaller -

Ethics count in retailing – retailers are looking more and more to ethical practises including what  and where they buy, how they sell, how they package, and who they employ -

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